Getting Started with TextMagic

1 Start your TextMagic free trial
2 Add SMS credit to your TextMagic account
3 Contact TextMagic Support and Sales

Web App

1 Get started with TextMagic Web App
2 Send a single text message
3 Send text messages to a group of contacts
4 Reply to incoming messages using SMS Chat
5 Schedule text messages to be sent later
6 Add contacts one by one
7 Import contacts from a .CSV or Excel file
8 Organize contacts into Lists
9 Create custom fields for Contacts
10 Send mail merge text messages to Lists
11 Save time with text message Templates
12 Review sent and received text messages history
13 Validate numbers with Carrier Lookup service
14 Set up text message auto-responders and rules
15 Send voice messages and Text-to-Speech
16 Grow your contacts using Opt-in Forms

Email to SMS

1 Set up Email to SMS allowed emails
2 Send and receive Email to SMS
3 Configure Email to SMS settings
4 Forward third-party email alerts as text messages

SMS Gateway API

1 Get started with SMS API documentation
2 Configure your SMS API settings

Account Management

1 Review your TextMagic account details
2 Set up two-factor authentication and security
3 Invite or import Sub-accounts
4 Manage Sub-accounts permissions
5 Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML
6 Manage Auto-recharge and payment methods
7 Review your TextMagic invoices
8 Manage email notifications and alerts
9 Review your account messaging data


1 SMS Reporting Overview
2 Monitor your team actions using Audit logs
3 Review costs using Statements
4 Review your text message statistics
5 Review your Sub-account statistics

Sender Settings

1 Understanding the Sender Settings
2 TextMagic dedicated virtual numbers
3 TextMagic shared virtual numbers
4 Sending text messages to France
5 Sending text messages to the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico
6 Sender ID and number filtering restrictions
7 Buy a TextMagic dedicated number subscription

Mobile App for iOS & Android

1 Send messages using the TextMagic mobile app
2 Manage contacts using the TextMagic mobile app
3 Manage your account using the TextMagic mobile app

SMS Software for PC and Mac

1 Send text messages using Desktop SMS app
2 Download and install TextMagic Messenger
3 Send and receive SMS with TextMagic Messenger
4 Import contacts to TextMagic Messenger
5 Create groups in TextMagic Messenger
6 Create templates and custom fields in TextMagic Messenger