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Send messages using the Textmagic mobile app

The Textmagic Mobile App and a web App are fully synced. You can download the Textmagic mobile app for iOS and Android for free.

Send a text message using the Textmagic mobile app

  1. Click New Message.
  2. Enter the recipient’s phone number in the local format, or including the country code.  For example  +447050388786 for the UK or +12012331800 for the USA.
  3. Type your message or insert a template.
  4. Click Send.
    Textmagic - Compose a new message via the mobile app
Please note: The delivery status of your SMS will be updated as soon as the recipient’s mobile network confirms delivery to us. This can take up to 12 hours.
  • You can also select recipients from your contacts and lists.
  • You can send personalized SMS using templates, or by inserting mail merge tags or attaching a file.
  • You can use Chats for sending a new message or a reply. If someone replies back, you will see an unread chat and receive a push notification:

Textmagic incoming SMS alert in chat in the iOS app

There are two ways to send text messages via the mobile app:

  • From the New message page.
  • From the Chats page.
    Textmagic send a new message via Textmagic mobile app

Review Sent and Received messages

Message history in the Textmagic mobile app can be reviewed from:

  • Sent messages page
  • Received messages page
    Textmagic sms history in the mobile app
  • Sent/received message details page
    Textmagic sms history in the mobile app

Schedule a text message via the mobile app:

  1. Click Scheduled.
  2. Compose a text message and click Schedule.
    Textmagic schedule a text message via the iOS app

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