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Review costs using statements

Your statement is a document that summarizes your activity to show what money went in and out of your Textmagic account. It can help you track finances and understand your spending habits on a regular basis. All transactions are listed on your Statements page, so you can easily view your costs.

Check billing statements

  1. Navigate to Accounts -> Statements.
  2. Select the account you want to view.
  3. Select the time period.
    account>statements page in Textmagic web app

Account statement shows:

  • Your balance at the end of each day
  • Any credits to your account
  • Any deductions from your account
  • A short description of activity

If required, you can use the Download button to download the statement.

Services you can spend credit on:

  • Sending messages, Text-to-Speech and Voice broadcast
  • Virtual dedicated number subscription
  • Incoming call forwarding
  • Carrier lookup service

The exact text message price depends on the destination country, message length and encoding. Learn more about maximum text message length or check our pricing page.

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