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Organize contacts into Lists

The easiest way to organize contacts is by grouping them into Lists. It is not possible to add a contact without the list selection.

You can set up lists and then send text messages to all the people in a list with just a few clicks. Textmagic offers these types of lists:

  • Private – a list you have created and have not shared with your team members.
  • Shared by me – a list that you have created and shared with your team members. Your sub-accounts will be able to edit this list and add/remove contacts.
  • Shared to me –  a list that a team member has created and shared with you.
  • Unsubscribers  – a list where contacts are moved automatically if they have unsubscribed from your communication.
    This list is shared between all your sub-accounts.

To create a new list:

  1. Select Contacts from the main menu.
  2. Click on the New list button. Organize contacts create a new list
  3. Enter a list name.
  4. Make the list private or  share it with your sub-accounts. This option can be changed at any time. Textmagic create a private or shared list
  5. Click Save.
  6. You can import multiple contacts to your list or add them one-by-one. Learn how to Import contacts from a .CSV or Excel file or add contacts one-by-one.

    List features overview:

    The following list actions are available to you:

    • Send a text message to a list.
    • Share list with sub-accounts.
    • Hide list.
    • Edit list.
    • View list details.
    • Delete list.

    Textmagic actions for the contact list

    List detail view features overview:

    To view contacts that are in a specific list - click on that list name.

    Actions available in the list detail view:

    • Add new contacts to the list
    • Send SMS to the whole list
    • Select one or more contacts and move/copy them to a different List.
    • Remove contacts from the list.
    • Download the list into a .CSV or Excel file.
    • Edit list.
    • Mark list as favorite.

      Textmagic Lists top menu

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