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Toll-free number verification


What is a toll-free number verification?

The toll-free number (TFN) verification is a mandatory industry-wide process that whitelists your text messaging traffic with the toll-free messaging aggregator. It helps to reduce the number of false-positive blocks and ensures message deliverability.

If you do not complete the mandatory toll-free number verification, your message delivery cannot be guaranteed, and we will be unable to investigate the delivery issues.

Toll-free number verification is free. It usually takes 3 business days, although, on rare occasions, it may take up 5 weeks. It’s important to wait until the verification process is complete before sending texts.

Verification guide

You can submit a toll-free verification form here. The single most important practice is ensuring that you have accurate and reliable opt-ins, meaning that texts are sent only to people who have explicitly agreed to receive texts from your company.

1.Fill in the sender details:

  • Legal company name: The legal company name of the business sending the actual messages to consumers.
  • Company website: Your company website or a social media page.
  • Organization type: Use the drop-down menu to select the message sender company’s type.
  • State of incorporation: The state where the message sender company is registered.
  • Address: The primary/corporate address of the message sender.
TFN sender details
2.Campaign details:

Please describe your use case and the purpose of your messages (e.g., appointment reminders, receipts, etc.)

What types of messages are being sent?

Use the drop-down menu to select an option that best describes your message type:

  • Informational: These messages inform your customers of things like service updates, appointments, and scheduling. Informational messages do not sell or promote anything regarding the business.
  • Marketing: Text messages that contain a sales or marketing promotion.
TFN campaign details
3.Please describe how potential subscribers are opted into receiving messages from your company and upload a screenshot of your opt-in form. For example:

  • IVR: A potential subscriber provides their consent via an interactive voice response.
  • Keyword: A potential subscriber texts a keyword (i.e JOIN) to opt into a messaging program.
  • POS or other on-site location: A potential subscriber provides their consent at the point of sale or other on-site location.
  • Via paper form: A potential subscriber provides their consent at an in-person location via a paper form.
  • Weblink/URL: A potential subscriber enters their telephone number through a website to opt into a messaging program.
  • Other: Provide any other type of opt-in not listed above.
TFN opt-in verification
4.Sample messages:

Please include 1-3 variations of the messages you intend to send. Use the drop-down menu to select a category that closely resembles your use case.

5.Are you using more than one toll-free number?

Please select No or Yes.

Estimated monthly message volume:

Use the drop-down menu to select a number that best represents the estimated monthly message volume.

Canadian traffic:
Please choose the appropriate drop-down selection if a majority of the traffic is expected to be delivered to Canadian handsets.

Supporting documentation:

  • Please thoroughly explain your opt-in process and prove that your traffic is legitimate. Third-party opt-in is not supported and is ineligible for verification.
  • If you are using more than one toll-free number, please explain why.
TFN monthly volume

Once you submit the form, Textmagic will review it and forward to the toll-free messaging aggregator within 24 hours. It may take up to 5 weeks to complete the verification process before you can start texting from your toll-free numbers.

Factors that may cause a verification delay:

  • A high volume of incoming requests
  • Incomplete or unclear fields
  • Multiple submissions
  • Via paper form: A potential subscriber provides their consent at an in-person location via a paper form.
  • Multiple toll-free numbers on one request

Frequently asked questions

How do I submit a toll-free number verification form?

Click here to submit a verification form. It is absolutely free. Once you submit the form, it will be reviewed by Textmagic and forwarded to the messaging aggregator within 24 hours.

If there are no issues with the form, it may take up to 5 weeks before you receive a final verification status.

How can I check the status of my verification request?

We will send you an email, once your toll-free messaging traffic gets verified. Textmagic support may also contact you via email, asking clarifying questions.

What happens if I don’t get approved?

If your toll-free number verification failed, it means that you can no longer send text messages to North America. Textmagic support will notify you via email in case this happened and if the resubmission is possible.

I am experiencing delivery issues after completing the verification. What shall I do?

Please ensure that you received via email a toll-free traffic verification confirmation. If so, please contact Textmagic support, and we will investigate the delivery issue with our partner.

Can I edit a form that has already been verified?

If you need to edit the form, please email [email protected].

What toll-free number campaign use cases are prohibited?

Please check below the list of prohibited campaigns that are ineligible for verification.

High-Risk Financial ServicesGet-Rich-Quick SchemesDebt ForgivenessIllegal Substances/ ActivitiesGeneral
Payday loans

Short-term, high-interest loans

Auto loans

Mortgage loans

Student loans



Stock alerts


Debt consolidation

Debt reduction

Credit repair programs

Deceptive work-from-home programs

Multi-level marketing

Work-from-home programs

Risk investment opportunities

Debt collection or consolidation



Tobacco or vape

Frauds or scams

Deceptive marketing


S.H.A.F.T. content

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