Validate numbers with Carrier Lookup service

Our phone carrier lookup tool helps you identify the name of the carrier by extracting information from a phone number. This simple and extremely valuable tool can be used to uncover more information about a phone number in your database.

TextMagic offers three Carrier Lookup options:

To lookup a single number:

  1. Select Services and then Carrier lookup from the main menu.
  2. Type the number you want to lookup.
  3. Choose the country (only if your number is in a local format).
  4. Click Check carrier.
  5. Review the results. TextMagic carrier lookup results

To lookup numbers in bulk:

  1. Select Services and then Carrier lookup from the main menu.
  2. Select the Bulk lookup tab.
  3. Click New carrier lookup.
  4. Upload a file with phone numbers or copy and paste phone numbers. Click Continue. It is recommended to have the numbers in the international format with the country code. For example:
    • UK number - 447937946700
    • US number - 19046541669
    • Australian number - 61448793610
    TextMagic copy and paste numbers for the validation
  5. Select the country.TextMagic select the country for the carrier lookup
  6. Check the summary and click Start.
  7. Now you can Import results to Contacts or Download results.
  8. TextMagic import contacts or download results

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