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Grow your contacts using Opt-in forms

Putting one of our forms on your website will give you a chance to collect the mobile numbers of potential customers.

After embedding a form on your website or blog, all the mobile phone numbers collected will be automatically added to your Textmagic contacts in the List of your choice. This enables you to send marketing texts to anyone who has signed up with just a few clicks.

Create subscribe form

  1. Create a list for the contacts you will collect. (Learn how to create lists).
  2. Navigate to Services -> Forms.
  3. Go to the Subscribe forms tab.
  4. Click Add new form.
    Textmagic create opt-in forms
  5. Enter the form name and select a list (can be changed later). Click Create.
    Textmagic add new form name
  6. Set up your form copy:
      • Enter a form title. Give it an engaging, exciting and eye-catching name.
      • Type a description – something that will appeal to potential customers and persuade them to enter their mobile number.
      • If required, change the titles of the name and mobile phone input labels.
      • Add legal information.

    Textmagic check form details

  7. Select the form appearance:
      • Choose the color theme – light, dark, or blue. Also you can create a custom theme.
      • Edit the width and height of the form to fit your website. If you are not sure how big the form should be, please consult your website administrator.
      • Select the form font.
  8. Review and update other settings:
      • Targeting – click Allowed countries and add the countries where you wish to collect subscribers from.
      • Subscribers list – select a list for your potential subscribers.
  9. If everything looks good, click Save changes.
  10. Copy the embed code and add it to your site where you want the form to be displayed.
    Textmagic copy the code

Edit a form

  1. Navigate to Services -> Forms.
  2. Go to the Subscribe forms tab.
  3. Click More and Edit form.
    Textmagic edit the form

Delete a form

  1. Navigate to Services -> Forms.
  2. Go to the Subscribe forms tab.
  3. Click More and Delete form.
    Textmagic delete the form

Remember that your subscribers can unsubscribe from your list by replying STOP to any text message you send.

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