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Configure Email to SMS settings

Send and receive settings let you control what part of the email should be converted to a text message, as well as maximum length and other content and delivery settings.

Configuring Email to SMS settings properly helps you control your budget.

Please note: This feature is not supported in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Manage Send & receive settings

  1. Navigate to Services -> Email to SMS
  2. Select the Send & Receive settings tab.
  3. Find the Include in SMS content section.
  4. Choose which parts of the email should be included in SMS content:
      • Email subject and email body will be included in your text messages.
      • Only email body will be included in your text messages.
      • Only email subject will be included in your text messages.

    Textmagic Email to SMS included content settings

  5. Set the maximum length of your Email to SMS messages.
    Please note: The cost of one text message depends on its length. The longer the message, the more it costs. Learn about maximum SMS length.

    Textmagic Email to SMS message length settings

  6. Manage additional settings:
      • Convert text to latin-only characters.
      • Cut extra line breaks.
      • Get email notifications of Email to SMS message delivery failures.
      • Enable / disable Email to SMS service.

    Textmagic Email to SMS other settings

  7. Add custom cut phrases – phrases after which text messages will be automatically cut off (the phrase will also be excluded).
    Textmagic Email to SMS custom cut phrases
  8. Click Save changes.

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