Set up text message auto-responders and rules

Text message auto-responders work only with our dedicated virtual numbers.
TextMagic offers two options:

  • Send auto-responses to incoming messages.
  • Automatically add people to lists, based on keywords in the received messages.
Please note: If you use a keyword in your rule, your keyword has to be in the beginning of the incoming text message to trigger an automation rule.

To create text message auto-responders:

  1. Select Services and then Automation rules from the main menu.
  2. Click Create a new rule.
  3. Adjust your automation rule settings.
  4. Choose an auto-response type and enter the message.TextMagic auto reply type
  5. You can also add the Contacts Management actions if you want to add contacts to specific lists after receiving a message from them. TextMagic add a new action
  6. Choose a list where the number should be added, or add another action. TextMagic add or delete the number rule
  7. Click Continue. 

Congratulations, your automation rule has been set up.

    Automation rule actions:

    The Actions icon next to the Automation rule lets you do the following actions:

      1. View automation rule details
      2. Edit automation rule
      3. Pause automation rule
      4. Delete automation rule
      TextMagic how to edit the rule

      To apply for a free keyword:

      1. Select Services and then Automation rules from the main menu.
      2. Select the Keywords tab.
      3. Click Add a new keyword.
      4. Enter your keyword.
      TextMagic add a free keyword

      To check automation rule logs:

      1. Select Services and then Automation rules from the main menu.
      2. Select the Logs tab.
      3. Click Actions to view the details or delete the log.TextMagic view automation logs

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