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Invite or import Sub-accounts

You can create two types of sub-accounts for your team members:

  • Administrator – gives access to all Textmagic features, including payments and sub-account management.
  • Regular user – gives access to all Textmagic features, except payments and sub-account management.

You can also manage sub-accounts’ permissions as necessary.

Sub-accounts will always use the SMS credit of the parent account. You can monitor the credit usage from the Sub-accounts reporting or Statements page.

A dedicated virtual number cannot be shared between sub-accounts.

Invite team members one by one

  1. Navigate to Account -> Sub-accounts.
  2. Click Invite sub-accounts.
    Textmagic invite a new sub-account
  3. Fill in the requested information for the sub-account.
    Textmagic invite sub-account modal
  4. Click Send invitation.

An invitation to join, along with the account details and further steps, will be sent to your team member. Once the invitation is accepted, your team member can use the Textmagic account.

Import multiple team members at once

  1. Navigate to Account -> Sub-accounts.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Upload a file with emails, or copy and paste emails.
    Textmagic import sub accounts
  4. Select the default role and click Continue. An invitation to join, along with account details and instructions will be sent to your team members.
    Textmagic choose role

Log in as a sub-account

  1. Navigate to Account -> Sub-accounts.
  2. Click the More icon next to the sub-account.
  3. Click Log in as this account.
    Textmagic manage sub accounts

If you have an Administrator role, you can also Reset password, Edit a sub-account, or Close a sub-account.

Please note: If you close a sub-account, the dedicated number subscription associated with this account will be canceled and cannot be restored.

To reopen a closed account:

  1. Navigate to Account -> Sub-accounts.
  2. Select the Closed tab.
  3. Click the More icon and select Reopen a sub-account
    Textmagic reopen a closed account
  4. Confirm that you wish to reopen this sub-account.

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