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Make and receive voice calls

Starting in February 2019, you can make and receive voice calls in 23 countries using Textmagic SMS Chat. In order to make or receive calls using SMS chat, you need a voice-enabled Textmagic number on your account. You can buy a new number if you do not have one.

Make a call online

  1. Make sure you have a voice-enabled Textmagic number on your account.
  2. Go to the SMS Chat page.
  3. Open a relevant chat or start a new one.
  4. Click the New phone call icon to start a new call. 
    Start a new call

Receive calls online

  1. Go to the Numbers page.
  2. Find the needed number and click the More icon.
  3. Select Forwarding settings from the dropdown menu.
    Forwarding settings
  4. Next, in the Forward calls to option, select SMS Chat and then click on Continue.
    Forward calls to SMS Chat
  5. Go to the SMS Chat page and wait for a new incoming call.

Edit your Caller ID

  1. Make sure you have a voice-enabled Textmagic number on your account.
  2. Go to the SMS chat page.
  3. Click More -> Settings
    SMS Chat settings
  4. Select the number that you wish your calls to originate from.

    SMS Chat choose caller id

Price of voice calls

Please check the price list.

Outbound calls to:

  • US and Canada: $0.041 per minute
  • UK: £0.074 per minute
  • Australia: A$0.266 per minute

Inbound calls to:

  • US and Canada numbers: $0.023
  • UK numbers: £0.018
  • Australia numbers: A$0.031

View call history

All your outbound and inbound calls will be displayed on the History page. You can review the length, cost, time of day and other information about every call made or received. Just click on the correct row and view the call details.

Textmagic caall details

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