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Sending text messages to the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico

To send text messages in North America, you need to buy a Textmagic virtual number and verify your brand with the use case.

Only once your messaging traffic has been registered and approved you can start sending and receiving texts. The registration process may take up to 5 weeks.

Before you begin sending your messages to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada, please review the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

10DLC and toll-free messaging registration is an industry-wide requirement.The industry is moving to 100% registered messaging traffic to fight spam and fraud. Registration cannot be skipped.

USA and Puerto Rico

Sending text messages is only allowed from Textmagic virtual numbers, either local 10DLC or verified toll-free numbers. Sending messages from a unique Sender ID (the name of your company) or from your own mobile number is not currently supported.


Sending text messages is only allowed from Textmagic virtual numbers, either local or verified toll-free numbers. Sending messages from a unique Sender ID (the name of your company) or from your own mobile number is not currently supported.

FeatureLocal numberToll-free number
Area codesAll area codes in CanadaToll-free number area codes
Daily limitMax of 500 person-to-person (P2P) messages/day
No bulk messaging
Sending speedMax of 1 message/secUnlimited
Message length160 characters/message160 characters/message
Use caseP2P communication onlyA2P communication and marketing

Each account, including sub-accounts, must use a unique number to send messages. So, dedicated numbers cannot be shared.

What is person-to-person (P2P) messaging?

P2P is defined as 2-way conversation or message between two humans. It may be messages between two friends, two team members, a customer and a support agent, or a customer and a delivery driver.

How to achieve the best delivery for P2P traffic?

Our experience and customer feedback show that the following are best practices:

  • Send personalized messages with tags/names
  • Avoid “caps lock” and spam words like “Free/Call Now/Test”
  • Send messages that require responses
  • Avoid sending more than 500 messages per day

Following these recommendations cannot guarantee that carriers’ spam filters will not block text messages and virtual numbers.

How many characters can I include in a text message?

The maximum length of your messages is 918 characters. Please note that not all Canadian carriers support long-linked messages. Therefore, short messages are recommended – up to 160 characters (1 SMS part).

If the carrier does not support long-linked messages, longer incoming messages may be delivered in separate parts.

What do different delivery statuses mean?

You can monitor the delivery status of your text messages using our Web App or API.

The following delivery statuses are available in North America:

  • Delivered: The text message has been sent and the recipient’s mobile operator has received it. Please note that carriers do not provide us with the final handset delivery receipts.
  • Sent: We are processing your messages. As we can only forward one SMS at a time from one dedicated number to a mobile operator, group messages may experience a small delay.
  • Failed: The local mobile operator failed to receive the message from Textmagic.
  • Rejected: Either the mobile operator or Textmagic rejected the text message.

The most common reasons for rejection:

  • The recipient has opted out from your communications
  • You do not have a local dedicated number subscription

What setup would you recommend for multiple team members?

You have two options:

  • Share one account and send messages from one virtual number.
  • Create sub-accounts, each with a unique virtual number.

Learn how to invite or import team members to Textmagic.

Does Textmagic offer shortcodes, keywords, or auto-responders?

Textmagic does not currently offer shortcodes. However, you can apply for a keyword (for free) and create an automation rule for incoming messages.

Are there any known content restrictions?

The following messages cannot be sent to the USA, Puerto Rico, or Canada:

  • S.H.A.F.T. content
  • Illegal substances (cannabis) or activities
  • High-risk financial services
  • Get-rich-quick schemes
  • Adult content
  • Debt forgiveness

Unlawful or prohibited use is strictly forbidden by our Terms of Service.

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