All you need to know about 10DLC

What is 10DLC?

“10DLC” stands for 10-digit long code, also known as a commercial long code. It is a standard local U.S. 10-digit phone number for high-volume (mass) text messaging. Each 10-digit code is approved by mobile network operators once the business user has registered their brand and campaign.

The first version of 10-digit codes (local U.S. numbers) was designed for low-volume messaging and simple P2P (private one-to-one) communications. This version is no longer supported.

On March 1, 2022, U.S. carriers will be rolling out the 10DLC program as a way to prevent spam/fraud and “unwanted messaging.” It will make it easier to hold SMS senders accountable for their sent messages.

The Campaign Registry is the central hub for registering 10DLC messaging campaigns. TextMagic has direct integration with the Campaign Registry, and our setup wizard will ensure the registration process is smooth for you. The information you provide to the wizard will be sent automatically to the Campaign Registry and to carriers.

Registration guide

To comply with the new 10DLC requirements, all TextMagic U.S. users must register their company, brand, and campaigns using the setup wizard. Please be sure to register, otherwise, there is a risk that your text messaging traffic will be blocked and you may be charged higher registration fees.

1. Read the FAQ section about 10DLC and decide whether you wish to register your brand or start using a toll-free number.

Select 10DLC messaging to proceed with registration.
10DLC information
2. On this page, please fill in all the required company details, then click Register brand. It is important to provide the correct legal company name and contact details, in order to allow carriers to verify your brand. The brand may be contacted at any time to verify its business relationship with your company.

You will be charged $44 for the brand registration.
10DLC brand registration
3. On this page, please fill in all the required fields with your campaign details, then click Register campaign. Choosing the right use case is crucial for the correct registration of your campaign. When you hover over the use case name, you’ll be able to see the full description.

You will be charged a $60 one-time registration fee + up to $30 quarterly fee for the campaign registration.
10DLC campaign registration
4. Your registration will be approved as soon as possible.

In case there are any issues (more information is required, the campaign gets rejected, etc), you will be notified about it via email.
10DLC submitted registration

Frequently asked questions

10DLC Overview

Why do I need to register my brand and campaign?

U.S. carriers now require 10DLC to be enabled on ALL local U.S. long codes. The impact of non-compliance will lead to blocked traffic, significant fines, and a loss of service.

Registering a 10DLC provides many benefits, such as faster messaging speeds and better deliverability.

What are the related costs?

Your 10DLC registration has one-time as well as quarterly costs, which are listed below. These costs will be automatically deducted from your TextMagic account balance once you’ve completed the registration form. These fees are set by the Campaign Registry.

One-time costsQuarterly costs
  • Brand registration: $4
  • Brand vetting: $40
  • Campaign registration: $60
  • Campaign registration: up to $30 depending on your campaign
What 10DLC campaign use cases are approved and prohibited in the USA?

The single most important practice is ensuring you have accurate, reliable opt-ins specific to the type of messages you’re sending consumers. As a best practice, please ensure that texts are sent only to people who have explicitly opted in to receive texts from your company.

Approved use casesProhibited use casesProhibited program evasion
  • 2FA/OTP texts
  • Account notifications
  • Customer care interactions
  • Product and service delivery notifications
  • Fraud and security alerts 
  • Higher education campaigns 
  • Mixed: Combination of volume use cases
  • Marketing and promotional texts
  • Polling and voting: Requests for surveys and voting for nonpolitical arenas
  • Public service announcements
  • SHAFT campaigns: sex, hate, alcohol, firearm-related, or tobacco (including marijuana and vaping products)
  • General: spam, fraudulent, or misleading messages; deceptive marketing; pornography; profanity; or hate speech
  • Campaigns that violate the rules governing program content as detailed in the
    T-Mobile Code of Conduct
  • Campaigns that are listed in the CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook (pp. 20–22)
  • High-risk financial services: payday loans; short-term, high-interest loans; auto loans; mortgage loans; student loans; gambling; sweepstakes; or stock alerts; cryptocurrency
  • Get-rich-quick schemes: debt reduction, credit repair programs, work-from home programs, or risk investment opportunities
  • Using new 10DLC numbers to continue to send spam messages after the previous number has been suspended or deactivated
  • Using any technique to distribute text messages across many different 10DLC numbers, specifically to dilute reputation metrics and evade spam filters
  • Sending message content using a 10DLC number and campaign ID that differ from the information provided for the campaign during registration
Can I start texting with a toll-free number instead?

The 10DLC registration applies only to users who send text messages from local U.S. numbers (with area codes). Toll-free numbers do not require the 10DLC registration.

If you do not wish to register your brand and use case and prefer to avoid additional costs, you can buy a toll-free number instead (at $4.00 per month) and start sending your text messages using that.

You can keep the local numbers and use them to receive replies to campaigns. Once a number is not needed anymore, you can easily cancel it from the numbers page.

Brand registration

Why do I need to provide the contact information of the brands that I register?

The Campaign Registry service asks you to provide contact information for the brand because this allows carriers to troubleshoot quickly if any issue arises.

How do you validate that I am working with the brands that I register?

When you register a brand, we ask you to provide contact information for the brand. The brand may be contacted at any time to verify their business relationship with your company.

If my brand’s use case needs high throughput, can I set up my Campaign on multiple 10DLC numbers to improve the throughput?

No. Throughput is determined based on who is sending the message (the brand) and what is being sent (the use case), not on the amount of numbers associated with the campaign. The best course of action to achieve a higher throughput is to have the brand vetted, declare a proper use case, and provide a detailed explanation of the campaign.

How can I be sure I have entered the correct EIN/ Tax ID to have my Brand "Verified"?

Tax ID number is used in conjunction with the company’s name, address, and other information to ensure we perform a background investigation on the correct company. The following guide will provide the best recognition opportunity for your company:

  • United States: If you are a U.S. company or a foreign company with a U.S. IRS employer identification number (EIN), please enter that nine-digit number in the EIN field and ensure that your legal company name is consistent with your IRS registration and is properly spelled. The address you enter should also be the same as that used when you registered with the IRS.
  • Canada: If your primary business registration is in Canada, please enter your Canadian corporation number, which may be federal or provincial. Please do NOT enter your business number or federal tax ID number, as those numbers are not readily cross-referenced. As before, please ensure that your legal company name is consistent with your corporation registration and is properly spelled. The address you enter should also be the same as that used when you registered with Corporations Canada.
  • Europe, Eastern Europe, North Atlantic, Middle East, South America, and APAC: Please enter the numeric portion of your VAT ID number.

Campaign registration

What should I write in the "Campaign Description" field?

Please be clear and detailed when explaining your use cases. When reviewing a campaign, carriers will look at the campaign description and see whether it matches the content of the messages being sent.

How long does it take to approve my campaign once submitted?

Standard use case campaigns are approved immediately for qualified brands, while the approval of some special use case campaigns depends on the manual review times of mobile carriers. These campaigns will initially be in a “Review” status upon completion of the registration process. Once the Campaign Registry receives the approval decision, the status of the campaign will be updated.

Is there any benefit to having a single-use-case campaign vs. a mixed-use-case campaign?

Typically, single-use-case campaigns receive better service than mixed-use-case campaign types. This is meant to incentivize declaring a use case, as this type of campaign provides the greatest transparency for the market. In addition to this, if a mixed-use-case campaign is suspended for any reason, all of its traffic will be blocked, but not if the same traffic is set up in multiple relevant single-use-case campaigns.

What do I do if my campaign is not approved?

Standard campaigns are automatically approved upon completion of the campaign registration form. Special campaigns may require mobile carrier approval. Approval decision questions relating to any special class campaigns must be directly addressed to the mobile carrier.

Can I edit a campaign that has already been registered?

If you need to edit your campaign, please email [email protected].

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