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All you need to know about 10DLC

What is 10DLC?

10DLC are long local U.S. numbers that are approved by mobile networks operator for sending texts. This approval comes after registering the number with a verified 10DLC brand and an approved 10DLC campaign.

On March 1, 2022, U.S. carriers rolled out the 10DLC program as a way to prevent spam/fraud and “unwanted messaging.” It will make it easier to hold SMS senders accountable for their sent messages.

The Campaign Registry is the central hub for registering 10DLC messaging campaigns. When we register your brand and campaign, the information is sent to the Campaign Registry and to carriers automatically.

10DLC registration

To comply with the new 10DLC requirements, all Textmagic U.S. users, who send texts from a local number, must register their company, brand, and campaigns by completing this online form. Once you submit the form, Textmagic will review it and forward for approval.

The 10DLC registration process may take up to 5 weeks. It’s important to wait until the 10DLC registration process is complete before sending texts. Alternatively, you can switch to a toll-free number and verify your traffic with the messaging aggregator.

Frequently asked questions

10DLC overview

Why do I need to register my brand and campaign?

U.S. carriers now require 10DLC to be enabled on ALL local U.S. long codes. The impact of non-compliance will lead to blocked traffic, significant fines, and a loss of service.

Registering a 10DLC provides many benefits, such as faster messaging speeds and better deliverability.

What are the related costs?

Your 10DLC registration has one-time as well as quarterly costs, which are listed below. These costs will be automatically deducted from your Textmagic account balance once you’ve completed the registration form. These fees are set by the Campaign Registry.

One-time costsQuarterly costs
  • Brand registration: $5
  • Brand vetting: $45
  • Campaign registration: $35
  • Campaign registration: up to $35 depending on your campaign
How can I cancel 10DLC?

Please cancel all local numbers associated with your 10DLC brand and campaign. After that, please cancel the campaign. If you close your Textmagic account, all virtual numbers and 10DLC campaigns will be cancelled automatically.

What 10DLC campaign use cases are prohibited in the USA?

The single most important practice is ensuring you have accurate, reliable opt-ins specific to the type of messages you’re sending consumers. As a best practice, please ensure that texts are sent only to people who have explicitly opted in to receive texts from your company.

Please check below the list of prohibited campaigns that are ineligible for verification.

High-Risk Financial ServicesGet-Rich-Quick SchemesDebt ForgivenessIllegal Substances/ ActivitiesGeneral
Payday loans

Short-term, high-interest loans

Auto loans

Mortgage loans

Student loans



Stock alerts


Debt consolidation

Debt reduction

Credit repair programs

Deceptive work-from-home programs

Multi-level marketing

Work-from-home programs

Risk investment opportunities

Debt collection or consolidation



Tobacco or vape

Frauds or scams

Deceptive marketing


Profanity or hate speech

S.H.A.F.T. content

Can I start texting with a toll-free number instead?

The 10DLC registration applies only to users who send text messages from local U.S. numbers (with area codes). Toll-free numbers do not require a paid 10DLC registration, however traffic should still be verified.

If you do not wish to register your brand and use case and prefer to avoid additional costs, you can buy a toll-free number instead (at $10 per month) and start sending your text messages using that.

You can keep the local numbers and use them to receive replies to campaigns. Once a number is not needed anymore, you can easily cancel it from the numbers page.

Brand registration

Why do I need to provide the contact information of the brands that I register?

The Campaign Registry service asks you to provide contact information for the brand because this allows carriers to troubleshoot quickly if any issue arises.

How do you validate that I am working with the brands that I register?

When you register a brand, we ask you to provide contact information for the brand. The brand may be contacted at any time to verify their business relationship with your company.

Campaign registration

How long does it take to approve my campaign once submitted?

It may take up to 5 weeks to get the campaign approved before you can start sending messages.

What should I write in the “Campaign Description” field?

Please be clear and detailed when explaining your use cases. When reviewing a campaign, carriers will look at the campaign description and see whether it matches the content of the messages being sent.

What do I do if my campaign is not approved?

Textmagic support will notify you via email in case the campaign was not approved and if the resubmission is possible.

Can I edit a campaign that has already been registered?

If you need to edit your campaign, please email [email protected].

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