How to manage sender settings

TextMagic is suitable for global text messaging.

Mobile operators across the world are always looking to protect their customers from unwanted text communications, so numerous “sender settings” restrictions and regulations exist.

TextMagic helps you achieve the best possible SMS delivery rate and two-way SMS service (where possible) by using “recommended sender settings”.

Before you send an SMS you can choose the name or number the recipients will see on their phones when they get a text from you.

Depending on the country, our system will show you supported “sender settings”.

This can be adjusted at any time via the Sender settings page, which consists of three tabs:

global text messaging using dynimac sender settings

The Countries page displays the existing sender settings for:

  • My country
  • USA and Canada
  • Other countries
mass texting globally

To adjust your sender settings:

  1. Go to Sender settings.
  2. Choose the account. choose account
  3. Click Edit next to the country you want to adjust. edit SMS sender settings
  4. Choose the number or Sender ID. all available SMS sender options

With TextMagic you can choose from 4 “sender settings”:

  1. TextMagic dedicated number
  2. Your own mobile number
  3. Alphanumeric Sender ID
  4. Shared reply number

Depending on the country, our system will show you supported “sender settings”.

For example, sending SMS to the USA is supported only from a dedicated number.

TextMagic dedicated number

TextMagic offers dedicated numbers for more than 30 countries. Each dedicated number can be used by only one business at a time. The cost of a dedicated number monthly subscription starts at 2.40 GBP.

Dedicated number is an essential component for two-way messaging. You can send and receive messages to or from anyone. All incoming messages will be displayed in SMS Chat and your email.

Learn how to buy a dedicated number.

To cancel your dedicated number subscription:

  1. Go to the Numbers page.
  2. Find the number in the list. dedicated numbers
  3. Confirm cancellation.
    cancel dedicated number subscription

Your own mobile number

Your recipient will see your own mobile number as the sender and all replies will go to your personal mobile phone.

To use this option you will first need to verify your number:

  1. Go to the Account details page.
  2. Click Send verification SMS next to your mobile phone. account details
  3. Enter the 4-digit code you just received via SMS. Click Verify number. my number confirmation
  4. Set your number as your default sender option for the desired country. use your own number to send SMS from

Alphanumeric Sender ID

Sender ID allows you to display your company name as the sender for all your SMS messages. However,please note:

  • If you use Sender ID you will not be able to receive replies.
  • Sender ID is not supported in all countries.

To apply for a Sender ID:

  1. Go to the Sender IDs page.
  2. Click Apply for a new Sender ID. Send SMS from your company name
  3. Enter your Sender ID and explain why you need it. (e.g. it’s your company name). It can be a maximum 11 characters long and must contain at least 1 letter.
  4. Click Apply now. apply for SMS Sender ID
  5. Wait until your Sender ID gets approved by a TextMagic specialist. You will receive an email confirmation once this is done. It usually takes up to 1 business day to approve a Sender ID.
  6. Set Sender ID as your default sender option for the desired country. send SMS from a Sender ID

Shared reply number

All shared numbers belong to TextMagic. They can be used by any TextMagic customer. Shared reply numbers are included with your SMS package. All replies will be displayed in SMS Chat and your email (if this setting is enabled).

SMS reply numbers

Please note: You can only receive replies from people you have texted earlier. Local shared reply numbers are available in more than 30 different countries.

To restore sender settings back to recommended:

  1. Go to the Countries page.
  2. Click “Restore default sender settings”. restore back to recommended SMS settings

If you restore the sender settings - all your changes will be discarded and TextMagic will automatically set the best recommended sender number for every country to ensure the best delivery and response rate (where possible).

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