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Simple SMS Pricing for business


Welcome to the Textmagic SMS Pricing introduction video.

Textmagic uses a very simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, where the credit amount is deducted from your account only after you have used the service.

Before you can use Textmagic, you need to create a free trial account. Here are the benefits of doing that:

  1. It takes only a couple of moments to create an account with Textmagic.
  2. Access to all features is allowed even during the free trial.
  3. A test credit amount is added to your account.
  4. No credit card is required to register a free trial.

So, once you have created an account and tested the service, you are ready to buy SMS credit.

The benefits of buying SMS credit from Textmagic are the following:

  1. Credit is added to your account instantly once Textmagic receives the funds.
  2. Your SMS credit will never expire regardless how long you keep it.
  3. SMS credit is covered by the “Money-back guarantee”, which means Textmagic will refund all your unused credit on your first request.

First of all you need to choose a credit bundle. Textmagic offers bundles from 10 to 10,000 US dollars. Depending on your account country, the currency may also be in British pounds, Euros or Australian dollars.
If you are not sure how much credit you need, click on our Pricing Calculator link. Enter the number of messages and choose your destination countries.
Textmagic will suggest the most suitable bundle for you.
Next you will need to choose a payment method.

You can choose from:

  • A Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Or a regular bank transfer

If you choose a bank transfer, then you will need to download a pro forma invoice and pay it from your bank. The credit will be added as soon as Textmagic receives the funds.
For this demo, let’s pay with a credit card as it is the most popular payment method. All Textmagic payments are fully secure and use only encrypted connection, so you can be sure that your credit card details are safe.

Next, you have to fill in your company billing details.
Don’t worry – you will only have to fill it once and this information will be on all your future invoices.
Then, if needed, you can insert your purchase order number. If you do not have one, just leave it blank.

The next section displays the information about the Auto-recharge. This is an optional feature that allows you to top up your account with SMS credit as soon as your balance becomes too low.

You are able to change your auto-recharge settings on the Auto-recharge page any time in future. However, we recommend you to always enable it to avoid service interruptions due to low balance on your account.

If you are a customer from the European Union, you will have an option to enter your VAT number and then a zero-rated VAT will be applied to all your future orders. If your company is outside the European Union, you will simply not see this section.

So, once all the details are filled in, click Pay Now and Textmagic will process your payment and add SMS credit to your account.
Now you are ready to spend the SMS credit. There are four paid features that you can spend your credit on:

  1. Sending text messages
  2. Buying dedicated virtual numbers
  3. Forwarding incoming voice calls
  4. Using the Carrier Lookup tool to validate numbers

When you send text messages, the cost is always displayed before you actually send the message.
The final cost depends on the destination countries, the number of message parts and the number of recipients. You can find the full pricing table on the Textmagic Pricing page.
When you buy a dedicated virtual number, Textmagic will deduct a monthly fee from your Textmagic account balance. In the USA and Canada, a number costs 4 dollars per month; but the price may vary from country to country. You can find the full supported countries list with prices on the Textmagic Pricing page.

If anyone needs to call your virtual number, Textmagic can automatically forward these incoming calls to any number you want. The call forwarding price depends on the destination number and is displayed before activating the call forwarding.

The Carrier Lookup tool allows you to validate numbers and check carrier information. This tool will deduct 4 cents from your Textmagic account balance for every looked-up number regardless of whether the number turned out to be valid or invalid. The same price is for single lookups and bulk lookups using a CSV upload.

Textmagic guarantees that there will be no hidden fees or surprises. Whenever you need to know why the balance was deducted, you can check the detailed cost statements, where you will find all transactions that took place in your Textmagic account.
Additionally, you can review all your invoices from the Invoices page and set up an accounting email, where we will automatically forward all the new invoices to save you time.

Textmagic pricing is as simple and transparent as it can possibly be. Now you are ready to create a free trial and take your first step towards improving your business communication.

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