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10 quick tips about Textmagic

In this video you will see 10 quick tips that will help you use Textmagic more effectively.

The green ʻQuick actions’ button in the header of the web app allows you to quickly do the most important actions from any page of the Web app. You can use it to quickly create new chats, add contacts, lists or templates or start a new contacts import flow.

If you frequently send similar text messages, you can save time with templates. Just write your message once and then use it when composing group messages or even in SMS chat. You can also easily save your sent messages as templates and later use them to send quick responses.

Sometimes your SMS chat can become too busy, but there is an ideal way to keep it clean. If you want to leave only unread chats, click the ʻSettings’ icon and choose ʻClose all read chats’. This will move all your read chats to the ʻClosed’ tab so that you can focus on the conversations that still require attention. And if you receive a text message response to a closed chat, it will automatically be reopened and you will see it again on top of older chats.

Currently, the Textmagic web app can send you desktop notifications only when the ʻSMS Chat’ page is open in one of your browser tabs. However, if you download the Textmagic desktop app, you will receive desktop notifications regardless of which web app page is open – and you can keep your internet browser closed.

If you want to import specific contacts into relevant lists automatically:
1. Just create an additional column called ʻList’ in your Excel file and fill it with the list name you want each contact to be added to.
2. When you are in the third step of your import flow, match the ʻList’ field with the relevant column in your file. This way, several lists will be created automatically and the contacts will be added to the relevant lists.

After your contacts have been imported, you can easily share them with your sub-accounts with just a couple of clicks. This way, your team members will not have to import contacts on each account separately and your contacts will be stored in one place and shared within your team.

If your account balance becomes too low and no credit is purchased, it will usually cause a service interruption, which is bad for any business. But you can easily avoid buying credit manually every time. Simply enable the Auto-recharge and choose the trigger, at which point Textmagic will recharge your account with a credit.
It is also good practice to add a backup payment method. If the payment does not go through using the main one, we will automatically try to recharge your account with the backup payment method.

After your automatic payment goes through, we will always send you an invoice to the account email address. However, Textmagic can also send all invoices directly to your accountant’s email if you save this email address on the Invoices page.

As your account contains sensitive data, it is highly recommended that you add an additional layer of protection by enabling two-factor authentication.
You can also add backup security questions and, if necessary, whitelist your IP address to skip the verification. This feature makes it impossible to access your Textmagic account without your permission.

Textmagic gives you a good overview of the data that is being stored on its servers. With a simple click, you can download all your messages or contacts, as well as delete data from the Textmagic servers at any time.
Additionally, you can choose the period after which your messages will automatically be deleted from the Textmagic servers.

You will find even more Textmagic tips from our online Support Centre articles, frequently asked questions and video tutorials.

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