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Send text messages using Web App


Welcome to the Textmagic Web App introduction video.

The main benefits of Textmagic Web App are that you can:

  1. Send personalised bulk text messages using mail merge tags.
  2. Receive replies and view your conversations as SMS chats.
  3. Quickly import contacts, organise lists and share them with your team members.

Sending and receiving texts online with Textmagic is very easy! Our all-inclusive web app has all the tools and features to support your marketing campaigns.
So, how exactly do you send texts online?
It is very simple:

  1. Log in to the Textmagic web app.
  2. Make sure you are on the “Compose” page.
  3. In the To: field, enter the intended recipients of your message. There are three ways to add recipients’ numbers:
    • Type in their mobile numbers or paste them from your clipboard. If you are sending the message locally, the number can be in your local format. If you are sending it abroad, type the number in the international format.
    • For contacts that have already added or imported into Textmagic, then the second way to add recipients is to type their names. Textmagic will auto-suggest people for you.
    • And finally, if you do not want to type the details manually, you can use existing contacts, lists or frequent numbers to complete the recipients’ box quickly. In this example, I will choose a list and add 15 recipients with one click.
  4. In the From: field, you can choose the number that you want your messages to originate from. In other words, this is who will be shown as the sender of the message. We recommend that you use the default settings to get the highest delivery rate. The default settings can be viewed on the Sender Settings page.
  5. Finally, type in the text message. To speed things up, you can use a template that you created earlier. As you can see, this template also contains a tag. If needed, we can add more tags to make your message more personal.
  6. You can also attach a picture or a document to a text message. Upload the file and then a download link will be added to your message.
  7. Textmagic shows you the length of the message, the number of SMS parts and the cost of the message, which depends on the number of parts, the number of recipients and the destination countries.

So, once the message is ready to be sent, you can

  • Schedule it to be sent later
  • Preview it to ensure everything is prepared properly
  • Send it immediately.

For now, let’s send immediately. Once a message is sent, there is no way to undo this.
On the next screen, you can see all the details of the messages you have sent.

Replies will appear on the Chats page. You will also receive desktop notifications and, if you want, email alerts and push notifications from the Textmagic mobile app for every incoming message that you get.

If you have no contacts yet, you can easily import them from a CSV or Excel file or by pasting numbers from the clipboard. The whole import process takes only a few moments. And then you will be ready to send bulk messages to your imported contacts.

You can also organise contacts into lists and share them with your team members in just two clicks, so your team members will not have to spend time importing the same contacts again.
The Textmagic web app has a lot more features than just sending and receiving messages.

You can also

Textmagic has all these and many other features, even with a trial account. Now you are ready to create an account and try them all out during your free trial.

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