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Set up Single Sign-On using SAML

Welcome to the Textmagic Single Sign-On introduction video.

Single Sign-On allows you to log in to Textmagic using your secure identity provider credentials and easily share your account with team members.

To set up Single Sign-On, navigate to the Account settings page and select the Single Sign-On tab.
Next, click the Add SAML details button.

Now, enter the details from your identity provider. In our example, we’ll use G Suite and show you how to obtain these details and set up the Single Sign-On with Google.

  1. Log in to Google Admin.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select SAML apps.
  4. Click to Add a new app.
  5. Search for Textmagic and select it.
  6. You’ll see the details that you need to enter into the Textmagic settings page to enable the Single Sign-On.
  7. Copy the Single Sign-On URL and Entity ID values into the relevant fields in the Textmagic Web app.
  8. Download the security certificate from Google.
  9. Open the downloaded file with the Notepad app.
  10. Copy and paste the certificate provided by Google into the Textmagic Web App.
  11. Before you save, choose if you want to disable the regular log-in option for your team members and only allow them to log in using Single Sign-On.

After the settings are saved, return to Google Admin and complete the next steps of the setup process. We recommend you leave the default values in steps 3 and 4, so just click Next until the set-up process is completed.

After Single Sign-On has been set up, you won’t need to invite your team members manually. Every time a new user logs in directly from your Google Admin, we’ll create a new sub-account automatically. The user will then be able to use the service as soon as they log in and confirm that they’ll be joining your Textmagic team.
Later, your new team member will also be able to log in using our Single Sign-On login page by just entering their account email address.

Textmagic offers pre-integrated connections with the most popular Single Sign-On identity providers, which you can find on the Textmagic marketing page.

Setting up Single Sign-On takes only a few moments, saves you a lot of time and makes your Textmagic account more secure.

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