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Invite or Import team members as Sub-accounts

Welcome to the Textmagic Sub-accounts management introduction video.

To manage sub-accounts, open the Accounts section then select the Sub-accounts page from the main menu.

The Sub-accounts page consists of 3 tabs:

To invite a single team member, click the Invite sub-accounts button and select Invite a new sub-account.

Next, enter the email address of your team member, where the invitation should be sent.

Textmagic sub-accounts have 2 different roles:

  • Administrators have access to all Textmagic features including payments and sub-accounts management.
  • Regular users have access to all Textmagic features except for payments and other sub-accounts management.

When you are ready, click Send invitation and the activation link will be sent to your colleague.

Your team member will receive an invitation letter with a link that needs to be clicked to join Textmagic. After that, they will complete the registration form and join your team.

To manage a sub-account, open its detail view where you can do the following:

  • Log in as this sub-account
  • Edit the sub-account
  • Send a password reset email
  • Close or re-open the sub-account
  • Edit the permissions to restrict certain pages or actions
  • View the audit logs of this sub-account
  • View sent and received messages.

To save time, you can also import your team members from a .CSV or Excel file. To start the import, click Invite sub-accounts then select Import sub-accounts.

In the first step, you can either upload your team members’ emails in a file or paste them one per line or separated with commas.

In the second step, you have to select between the 2 roles we looked at earlier: Administrators or Regular users. The role you select here will be applied to the imported sub-accounts by default. However, you can change it later for any of the sub-accounts.

In the third step, you need to match the sub-accounts’ field names with the data columns of your Excel file.

You can also create a Role column in your Excel file and enter a value in each row – Administrator or User – to apply the correct roles to the specific sub-accounts automatically.

After this, the import process will begin. Once it is completed, you will see the import results:

  • Invited tab – shows the sub-accounts that have been successfully invited and where the invitation emails have been sent.
  • Duplicates excluded tab – shows if there were duplicates in your Excel file that Textmagic has skipped.
  • Failed tab – shows the sub-accounts that could not be invited. However, you can quickly edit these rows and save them. When the error is fixed, the updated rows will move to the Invited tab and the invitations will be sent.

Textmagic allows you to invite an unlimited number of team members for no extra fee. We offer advanced management, reporting and monitoring tools for small and large teams.

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