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Manage sender settings and virtual numbers


Welcome to the Textmagic sender settings introduction video.

Textmagic helps you achieve the best possible delivery rate for your text messages by selecting the recommended sender settings.

To view the sender settings, select the ʻServices’ section, and then ʻSender settings’ from the main menu.

This page displays all the countries you can send text messages to and shows you the sender numbers your messages will originate from when sending to these countries.

You can easily change the default sender setting for every country by clicking ʻEdit’ and selecting the desired number.

Textmagic offers 3 different sender settings types:

· Dedicated virtual numbers

· Alphanumeric Sender IDs

· Your own mobile number

*Shared virtual numbers are no longer available

Dedicated virtual number is the best recommended option for sending and receiving text messages and it is available in more than 30 countries. In the USA and Canada, text messages can be sent only from a dedicated number. This number belongs only to your account and a monthly fee is deducted from the account balance every month. Voice enabled dedicated numbers even allow you to forward incoming calls to your phone.

Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to send messages from a company name. To apply for a new sender ID, click ʻApply for a Sender ID’. Enter your company name and the short explanation then click ʻApply now’.

Please note: If you send text messages from a sender ID, your recipients will not be able to reply to you. Also, sender ID features might not be supported in every country. You can find more information about sender setting restrictions in the Textmagic support centre. This feature is not supported in the USA, Canada and several other countries.

You can also send text messages from your own mobile number – the one that is registered on your Textmagic account. However, any replies go only to your phone and never appear in the Textmagic web app.

Some network operators have restrictions and these vary from country to country. In order to ensure the best delivery, we recommend using dedicated numbers where possible and testing the delivery before sending a large amount of text messages. To set the recommended sender settings to every country automatically, just click the ʻRestore default sender settings’ button. Doing this will increase your text messages delivery and reply rates and let you achieve better business results.

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