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Send text messages using Email to SMS

Welcome to the Textmagic Email To SMS introduction video.

Email to SMS quickly allows businesses to send reminders, confirmations, or alerts to customers and staff members.

The Main benefits of Email to SMS service are that it:

  • Encourages two-way communication
  • Can be used by the whole team
  • Allows you to reach multiple people at the same time

Getting started with Email to SMS takes only a few seconds. Let me quickly show you how simple it is.

  1. First of all you need to login to Textmagic Web App.
  2. In the left menu, navigate to the Services section.
  3. And then select the Email to SMS page.
  4. Click the Add allowed emails button.
  5. Add email addresses that you own or control – one per line.
  6. After email is saved you are ready to send Email to SMS.

Open your mail client such as Gmail or Outlook and start composing a regular email.

  1. Add the recipient’s address as [email protected].
  2. Write your message.
  3. Click Send.

Now your email will be delivered as a text message to your recipient’s phone.
If anyone replies to your SMS, you will receive the reply back to your inbox.

Additionally you can manage Email to SMS settings from Send and Receive Settings tab.
You are able to:

  • Choose whether to include subject, body or both in your Email to SMS message.
  • Set the maximum length of your message to reduce costs.
  • And manage additional content and delivery settings to make your Email to SMS experience even more wonderful.

Later you can review all your sent and received messages as well as your costs in our web app on the history page.

You can also use Email to SMS to integrate text messaging into your software applications.
If you have a business application that can send email, it can now send text messages too.
And receive replies.
You can integrate text messaging into your order processing, CRM and contact systems.
All you have to do is to address your emails to [email protected].

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