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Set up auto-responders and rules

Welcome to the Textmagic automation rules introduction video.

With Textmagic you can easily set up auto-responders and rules based on the message content that your customers send you.

To set up an automation rule you first need to have a dedicated virtual number by which the incoming text messages will be received.

Once you have at least one dedicated number, select Automation rules from the Services section.

In our example I would like to set up a rule that will send an automatic "thank you" response to every person who sends JOIN to my dedicated number.

To arrange this, firstly create a keyword, from the Keywords tab. After the keyword is created, navigate to the Rules tab and click Create a new rule.

  1. Select the account that you are creating a rule for.
  2. Enter a name for this rule.
  3. Select the numbers affected by this rule.
  4. Next choose the keywords that will trigger the auto-response.
  5. And finally, select the countries where this rule will work or leave this field blank, if you want it to work for any country.
  6. Click Continue.
Please note: If you use a keyword in your rule, your keyword has to be in the beginning of the incoming text message to trigger an automation rule.

In step 2 Enter your message for the automatic response and click Continue.

In step 3 you can choose additional actions to make after the rule is triggered. For example let’s add these people to the list called Leads.

After that, click Continue and your rule is ready. Let’s send a test message to our dedicated dedicated number and see what happens. As you can see, we have received a reply almost instantly.

Later you can also check the automation rules logs from the relevant tab to see all automatic actions that have been made.

Textmagic automation rules ensure that your customers get the right response instantly and your lists are accurately updated based on the received keywords.

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