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Send and receive texts through your CPaaS provider


Learn how the Textmagic Bring your own CPaaS (BYOC) feature can help you reduce business texting costs and streamline communication workflows, all in just a few minutes.

This video will teach you how to:

  1. Connect your CPaaS provider and numbers to Textmagic
  2. Send and receive texts through your CPaaS provider
  3. Troubleshoot SMS delivery issues
  4. Set your CPaaS number as the default sender
  5. Forward calls from your BYOC number

Connect your CPaaS provider and numbers

  • From your Texmagic dashboard, go to Messenger -> Messenger settings -> BYOC.
  • Click the Connect a CPaaS provider OR New CPaaS provider button.
  • Choose your provider, enter the API credentials, and select the numbers you’d like to connect.
  • Add a label to keep things organized and click Link numbers.

Congratulations! You’ve connected your provider and numbers. You can add multiple CPaaS accounts from the same or different providers. You’re now ready to send texts. 

Send and receive texts through your CPaaS provider

Head over to the Compose page. Add recipients manually or select them from contacts. Type your message or use templates for a personal touch. Ready? Send your message now or schedule it for later. To keep track of your conversations and reply to messages, use the Messenger page. Here you can also send MMS and let AI help you with summaries of your interactions or reply suggestions.

Troubleshoot SMS delivery issues

Are your messages being rejected? Here are some issues that may be preventing you from sending texts and how to resolve them.

1. Your number is not 10DLC or toll-free verified.

  • Solution: Verify your toll-free number or register your 10DLC number.

2. You are trying to send text messages to an unsupported destination country.

  • Solution: Ensure your number supports the destination country.

3. Your messages are blocked for containing spam or prohibited content.

  • Solution: Follow carrier rules and avoid spam-triggering content.

If one of these instances applies to you, you’ll get a link to messaging logs in your CPaaS provider account to see the rejection reason. Resolve these issues with your provider to use our integration.

Set your connected number as the default sender

Navigate to Messenger settings -> Sender settings. Click edit and select your provider’s number. After setting this up, all messages to your selected countries will be sent from your provider’s number. Of course, you need to make sure that the number you are setting as the default is country compliant for the region in which you want to send messages. You can do this by checking the number’s country compliance with your provider.

For other settings, go back to Messenger settings -> BYOC. Click More, then Settings. Edit labels, update login credentials, link more numbers or even disconnect the provider if necessary.

Forward incoming calls to your personal number

To set up forwarding, go to the Messenger settings section, click on the Numbers tab, and enable Call Forwarding from your provider’s number to another number that you define.

That’s it. You’ve now mastered using the TextMagic BYOC service.

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