Receive messages with Click to Text forms

Welcome to the introduction video for TextMagic Click to Text forms.

Click to Text forms allow customers to text your business from any mobile or desktop website with a single click, free of charge.

To generate a new Click to Text form, navigate to the Services section and then select Forms.

Click the New form button and select the Click to Text option.

Now you will be able to customize your form as you wish.
  1. Select the TextMagic number where the messages will be sent to.
  2. Edit your fields and choose the colors to match your website.
  3. After you have entered all the details, you can preview the form as expanded, minimized or completed.
  4. Once the form is ready, click Continue.
  5. At the next step, you can choose the countries in which your form will be visible and choose the list where the contacts who have completed the form will be added.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Now you have the embed code that you need to copy and add to your web page directly before the closing body tag.

Once you have added the code, your form is ready to use.

Let’s see how it looks on the website. Your customers will click the form, fill it in and submit it. As soon as this happens, you will receive their message to your SMS Chat, just as if they had texted your dedicated number.

When you reply in SMS Chat, your message will be sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone. You can communicate with anyone who contacts you via the Click to Text form in the same way.

You can also see how many times the form was clicked and submitted from the Forms page.

Using Click to Text forms is the ideal way to be available to your customers and leads and to improve your communication with them.

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