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Integrate SMS API Gateway


Welcome to the Textmagic SMS API Gateway introduction video.
Textmagic allows you to integrate text messaging with your existing business applications via REST API, Email to SMS API and Zapier.
To start using Textmagic API, you firstly need to generate an API key. This can be done from the API keys page.

  1. Click the Add new API key button.
  2. Enter an app name for this key. Note, it’s just a label, so pick any name.
  3. Click Generate new key.
Once you have created an API key you can start testing Textmagic API. For that we have a Sandbox, where you can test any requests and see the API responses structure.
All API commands are thoroughly described in Textmagic API documentation. Just search for the action that you need and read all the information before you start writing the code.
Textmagic also has several pre-written code libraries for the most popular programming languages to speed up your integration process.
In addition to the wide choice of API commands, Textmagic also allows you to set up the Callback URLs where we will send the delivery notifications and incoming messages automatically.
To set up these URLs, navigate to the API settings page and enter the relevant URLs of your website, where you want Textmagic to send the requests.
A simpler way to send messages is to use Email to SMS API, where you do not have to code a single row. Just add your email address to the allowed list and address your message to any application that can send and receive emails can also send and receive text messages with help of Textmagic Email to SMS API.
If you’re not a developer, but still need to automate your business text messaging flows, then you should definitely try our Zapier integration. With Textmagic and Zapier, you get access to thousands of business apps that you can connect together to improve your business communication.
Textmagic API offers a wide range of features to effectively integrate text messaging into your everyday business communication and workflows.

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