How to send text messages to multiple recipients

To send text messages to a group of contacts:

  1. Click on New SMS
  2. Enter all the recipients’ numbers, either:
    • Manually using the format country code/mobile number - for example, +44797123456 for the UK.
    • From your phonebook.
    • From your lists.
    • From recently used numbers.
    Enter recipients numbers
  3. Select the number you want the SMS to be delivered from. (Learn more about Sender settings).
  4. Type your message into the message box. You will automatically see how many parts your message consists of. (Learn more about SMS length.) You can also send personalized group SMS using templates and tags, learn more here.
  5. When you’re done, click Send.
  6. Congratulations, your message has been sent! You can now review the details.

Please note, when you are looking at data for sent SMS there are several different delivery statuses:

  • Delivered – the message has been sent and the recipient’s network has confirmed delivery.
  • Accepted – the message has been sent but delivery has not been confirmed, for example because the recipient’s phone is switched off. Delivery notification may take up to 12 hours.
  • Failed – the message has been sent but the recipient’s network is unable to deliver it. For example, because the recipient has cancelled their mobile contract.
  • Rejected – the SMS has been refused, either by the recipient’s network or TextMagic. For example, because the recipient has unsubscribed from your marketing messages.

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