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Validate numbers using Carrier Lookup service


Welcome to the Textmagic Carrier Lookup Service introduction video.

The Carrier lookup service allows users to quickly extract additional information from phone numbers and to check if these numbers are valid or not.

You can look up numbers in 3 different ways:

  1. Look up numbers one by one using Web App
  2. Bulk look up numbers via CSV upload
  3. Use Textmagic API to look up numbers

After creating a free trial account, which takes only a few moments, you will immediately be given access to the Textmagic Web App.
The Carrier lookup service is located under the Services tab. Simply enter the number and you can instantly see the results (unlike with the free version of this service, where you have to wait for the lookup results each time).

The Carrier bulk lookup service works exactly the same way, but instead of spending time typing in each number, you can simply upload a CSV or Excel file with the numbers and our service will automatically check all the numbers. After that, you will be able to download the same file containing the lookup results or import the valid numbers directly to Textmagic so that you can start sending text messages to these new contacts.

The Carrier lookup service results are saved by Textmagic for 60 days and can be found on the history page. Results older than 60 days are deleted.
If you want to integrate the Carrier lookup service into your own system to be able to validate numbers automatically without logging in to any software, we recommend using the Textmagic Carrier Lookup API.

The cost for every looked-up number is USD 0.04. The cost may also be quoted in other currencies such as Euros, British pounds or Australian dollars, depending on your country.

Textmagic also offers many other features that are helping thousands of companies to improve their business communication with customers, leads and staff members. For example, with Textmagic you can also:

  1. Send and receive text messages
  2. Set up recurring SMS marketing campaigns
  3. Get your own virtual dedicated numbers
  4. Forward incoming calls to your own number

Textmagic offers all these and many other features, even with a trial account. Now you are ready to create an account and try these all out during your free trial.

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