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Import contacts and create lists


Welcome to the Textmagic Contacts management introduction video.

Organizing your contacts with Textmagic is very easy and saves you a lot of time.

Let’s quickly take a look at the Contacts section in the Textmagic Web app. There are five tabs in the Contacts section:

  • Lists tab – allows you to organize your contacts into lists and share them with your team if needed.
  • My contacts tab – gives you an overview of the contacts that belong to your account.
  • Custom fields tab – allows you to create additional data fields before importing contacts, in case you need to import more data than just names and phone numbers. These fields can be used later as mail merge tags, to send personalized bulk text messages.
  • Imports tab – contains the history of your previous Contacts imports (and allows to import contacts).
  • And finally the Blocked tab – shows the list of contacts that you have blocked and do not want to receive messages from.

When it comes to adding many contacts to Textmagic, it is convenient to import them from a .CSV or Excel file. To do so, click the New Contact button and then select Import multiple contacts.

In the first step of the Import contacts flow, you can choose either to import contacts from an Excel or CSV file or to quickly copy and paste numbers. We recommend you select the first choice, as it makes your import process more flexible.

In the second step you have to select whether all your numbers are from the same country, which would mean Textmagic would automatically add country codes to these numbers if needed.
Or you might have numbers from multiple countries. That would mean that your numbers must already be in the international format.
After that you need to select the list where you want your contacts to be imported.

In the third step you need to match the contact fields’ names with the data columns of your Excel file.
If needed, you can exclude the first row from the import.
Additionally, you can use the fields layout from your previous import, which is convenient if you often import files with the same columns.

After this, the import process will begin. Once it is completed you will see the import results.

  • Imported tab – shows the contacts that have been successfully imported to Textmagic.
  • Duplicates excluded tab – shows if there were duplicates in your Excel file that Textmagic has skipped.
  • Failed tab – shows the numbers that could not be imported. However, you can quickly edit these rows and save them. When the error is fixed, the updated row will move to the Imported tab.

Your lists are displayed on the Lists page. If you want to share a list with your team members, just click on the Actions icon and select Share this list with Sub-accounts. But please note that all your sub-accounts will be also able to edit and even delete the contacts in the list that you have shared.

If you want to import specific contacts into relevant lists automatically, you should do the following:
1. In your Excel file, create an additional column called List and fill it with the list name that you want this contact to be added to.
2. When you are in the third step of your import flow, match the List field with the relevant column in your file. This way, several lists will be created automatically, and the contacts will be added to these lists, so you do not have to sort them manually later.

You can also manually move and copy contacts between lists.
To do so, open the list, select the contacts that you need to move or copy, and click on the Move/Copy button. Then select the list where you want to move or copy your contacts and the desired option.

By clicking the Filter button and checking or unchecking the desired Custom fields you can also choose which columns to display by default in your Contacts table.

If someone replies with a stop word, this contact will become unsubscribed and you will see the special Unsubscribers list in your Contacts section. All your future messages to this number will be rejected by Textmagic, and you will not be charged for them. If a contact has unsubscribed, the only way for him or her to re-subscribe is to reply again with a subscribe word.

You can also unsubscribe the contact manually at any time, if you receive such a request. Just click Unsubscribe contact next to the relevant row. Later you can re-subscribe such contacts. To do so, navigate to the Unsubscribers list, find the manually unsubscribed contact and click Delete from Unsubscribers.

Sometimes it can become so busy that you realize that you have too many lists. To avoid distractions, you can simply hide the unneeded lists without deleting them. This way you can focus only on the lists that you work with and at the same time keep all the data on your account.

Textmagic allows you to store as many contacts as needed for no extra fee, and you manage your contacts using Web App, Textmagic API and Mobile Apps.

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