How to use custom fields

Custom fields are simply extra information markers that you can add to a list of contacts. These will be added to the existing fields of name, mobile number, email and company.

You can create any new field you like – for example date of birth, location or job title.
Custom fields are shared between all your sub-accounts.

You can use the information from custom fields as merge tags to help you send personalised bulk SMS.

To add a custom field:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Click on the Custom fields tab.
    TextMagic Merge tags
  3. Click New field.
    TextMagic New custom field
  4. Enter a title for your custom field.
  5. Click Create field.
Create custom field

Please note, if you import your own Excel contact list, you will need to merge the fields from your list with the TextMagic custom fields. You will also need to add any new custom fields before importing a contact list.

Learn how to import contacts.

To delete a custom field:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Click on the Custom fields tab.
  3. Click on Actions button and choose Delete field
TextMagic delete custom field

Please note that all data linked to a deleted custom field will be permanently deleted.


New custom fields will show in your tags section when you write the body of your messages. This allows you to personalise your text messages.


Learn more about sending personalised SMS using tags.

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