How to set up and use lists

The easiest way to sort contacts is by grouping them into lists.

You can set up lists and then send text messages to all the people on a list with just a few clicks. However, only the account that created a list is able to delete it. A sub-account can only edit a list.

There are three types of list:

  • Private – a list you have created and do not want to share with others.
  • Shared, which are split into two types:
    • A list you created and shared with your team members.
    • A list a team member has created and shared with you.

To create a list:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Click on New list. TextMagic New List
  3. Give the list a name.
  4. Make the list private or choose to share it with your colleagues. This option can be changed at any time. TextMagic create a new list
  5. Once all the fields are filled in, click Save.
    TextMagic Save new list
    You can import multiple contacts to your list or add them one-by-one. Learn how to import contacts or add one-by-one.
  6. Your list will now become available under your lists tab. TextMagic SMS list

To change privacy settings for a list:

  1. Click Actions button next to the list.
  2. Click Share this list with sub-accounts.TextMagic Share a list with team members

To delete a list:

  1. Click the Actions button next to the list and choose Delete list. TextMagic Delete a list
  2. Confirm you want it deleted. TextMagic delete lists

To view contact data from a list:

  1. Click on the list.
    TextMagic SMS phonebook
    Now you can:
  2. Add new contacts.
  3. Send SMS to the whole list.
  4. Tick one or more contacts and move them to a different list.
  5. Delete contacts from the list.
  6. Export the list to a CSV file
  7. Edit Contact
  8. Unsubscribe contact
TextMagic Manage contact list

Please note, for easier management TextMagic groups all your unsubscribed contacts in an unsubscribers list. This list is shared between all your sub-accounts.


To send SMS to one or more lists:

  1. Tick the lists you want to send to.
  2. Click the envelope button. TextMagic send SMS to a list
  3. Compose your SMS. Learn how to compose SMS.
  4. Click Send.

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