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What is the Bring your own CPaaS service?

Bring Your Own CPaaS (BYOC) service is a cost-effective model where users connect their current CPaaS providers, such as Twilio or Vonage, to a single centralized cloud-based messaging platform like Textmagic.

By integrating your chosen CPaaS provider with Textmagic, you gain access to our easy-to-use Textmagic platform and its vast range of advanced business features, such as

  • Conversational two-way SMS chat
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Simple contact management
  • Customizable templates and automated workflows
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit logs
  • High security and privacy standards (SOC 2 and GDPR certified)
  • Continuous updates and feature enhancements
  • Dedicated support and customer service

Best of all, you can enjoy all these advantages without purchasing a new number or going through the hassle of porting away the phone number that your customers already know. In addition, you will continue to experience reliable delivery and save volume discounts from your trusted CPaaS provider.

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