How to configure API settings

You can integrate any application with TextMagic using our simple API gateway then start sending SMS!

There are many code examples in multiple languages(Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl)to help you get started.

Please read the API documentation to learn more about TextMagic API.

To get started with API:

  1. Start a free trial.
  2. Generate an API password.
  3. Read theAPI manual.

To generate an API password:

  1. Go to API.
  2. Click Generate new API password.
    generate API password
  3. Enter your TextMagic account password and click Generate.
    TextMagic account password
  4. You will now see your API password.
    API password

Instead of using API commands youcan set up callback URLs to receive both incoming messages and the delivery status of sent messages.

The TextMagic server will call your callback URL and post SMS delivery notifications and incoming SMS directly to your application, meaning you get delivery notifications andincoming SMS as soon as they arrive.

TextMagic supports both HTTP and HTTPS connections.

To set up callback URLs:

  1. Go to API.
  2. Enter your Callback URL. It must begin with either http:// (non-encrypted) or https:// (encrypted).
  3. Click Test.
    Callback URL

We will send an HTTP HEAD or HTTPS HEAD request andyour server should reply with HTTP code 200. If not, the system will consider the URL to be invalid and cannot set it up.

If the connection was successful you will see this:

Learn more about callback URLs.

For additional security, you can set IP addresses that can access your API:

  1. Add each IP address on a separate line.
  2. Click Save changes.
allowed API IP

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