Send and receive SMS with TextMagic Messenger

TextMagic Messenger is a business software package that enables you to send and receive text messages via your PC or Mac. We recommend you use the new Desktop app as it offers more features.

To send text messages using TextMagic Messenger:

  1. Log in to TextMagic Messenger.
    TextMagic login to Messenger
  2. Click New.
    TextMagic compose a new SMS in Messenger
  3. Enter your recipient’s mobile number using the format countrycodemobilephonenumber. (For example 44797123456 for a UK number, 17327572923 for a US number.)
  4. Enter your message.
  5. Click Send.
    TextMagic send a new SMS using Messenger
  6. Your text message has been sent! You will see your message in the Sent folder.
  7. TextMagic sent messages in Messenger
Please note: Ddelivery status in TextMagic Messenger takes time to be updated.
For more up to date information you can check sent messages in the Web app.

Alternative way to send text messages:

  1. Click Compose.
  2. Enter your recipient’s mobile number, using the format countrycodemobilephonenumber, into the To field.
  3. Enter your message.
  4. Click Send.
TextMagic create a new SMS in Messenger

To check incoming text messages:

  1. Log in to TextMagic Messenger.
  2. Check your Inbox.
    TextMagic check Inbox in Messenger
  3. Double click the message to see the content.
    TextMagic full incoming SMS in Messenger

To configure your preferences:

  1. Navigate to the Tools page.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Check the required options.
  5. TextMagic Messenger Preferences

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