Restrictions when sending messages to the USA and Canada via TextMagic

TextMagic uses a Tier 1 direct connection to deliver your messages to the United States and Canada via local dedicated numbers.

Before you begin using TextMagic in North America, please see the following answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What number/Sender ID can I use to send my messages to North America?

TextMagic does not support sending messages from a Sender ID (name of your company) or your own mobile number to the United States or Canada.

You can send text messages to North America only from our local dedicated numbers.

To send text messages to the United States and Canada, you will need to buy two numbers:

  • A U.S. dedicated number costs $4 per month
  • A Canadian dedicated number costs $4 per month

The dedicated number cannot be shared between accounts.

What type of messages can I send to North America via TextMagic?

Only “real person-to-person” traffic—messages that require responses—can be sent from a dedicated number.

You can send a maximum of 500 messages per day per dedicated number.

If you send over 500 text messages per day, local carriers can block your messages and dedicated numbers without prior notice.

Marketing campaigns, bulk notifications or alerts must be sent from a short code, which TextMagic does not offer.

How many characters can I include in a text message?

Your message can include a maximum of 160 standard characters, including spaces.

What do different delivery statuses mean?

You can always monitor the delivery status of text messages using our web app or API.

The following delivery statuses are available online:

  • Delivered: The text message has been sent, and the recipient’s mobile operator received it. Please note that carriers do not provide us withfinal handset delivery receipts.
  • Accepted: We are processing your messages. If you submit a group message, it may be sent after a small delay because we can only forward one SMS at a time from one dedicated number to a mobile operator.
  • Failed: The local mobile operator failed to receive a message from TextMagic.
  • Rejected: The mobile operator or TextMagicrejected the text message.

    The most common reasons for rejection are the following:

    • The recipient has opted out from your list
    • You do not have a local dedicated number subscription
    • Your dedicated number was blocked because you sent over 500 messages in one day

I have multiple team members who want to use TextMagic. What setup would you recommend?

You have two options:

  • Share one account and send a maximum of 500 messages per day
  • Create sub-accounts with unique dedicated numbers so each person can send 500 messages per day

Learn how to invite team members to TextMagic.

We recommend using the webapp to send and receive text messages.

Our character calculator will automatically show you if you exceed the maximum message length.

Does TextMagic offer short codes, keywords or auto-responders?

TextMagic does not currently support these features.

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