Import contacts to TextMagic Messenger

TextMagic Messenger is a business software package that enables you to send and receive text messages via your PC or Mac. We recommend you use the new Desktop app instead as it offers more features.

Numbers formatting before the import

Please make sure that numbers are in the international format with country codes and no spaces or plus signs:

  • US number - 19046541669
  • UK number - 447937946700
  • Australian number - 61448793610

Your contact list file may have standard fields and up to six custom fields, such as date of birth, address, job title etc. TextMagic Messenger lets you use these custom fields as tags, to send personalized SMS to relevant groups.

If you do have custom fields, please add custom fields to your TextMagic account before importing contacts.

To import contacts to TextMagic Messenger:

  1. Select File then Import contacts.
    TextMagic Import contacts to Messenger
  2. Select the source. We recommend saving contact lists in a .CSV format.
  3. Tick the group where you want the contacts to be added.
  4. Click Next.
    TextMagic select the source and the list for the import
  5. Select your contact list from your PC.
    select the file from the pc
  6. Now you can see a preview of your imported data. Please map the imported columns with their custom fields and click Next.
    TextMagic match fields during the import in Messenger
  7. Now you can see how many contacts will be imported.Click Import to start.

TextMagic complete contact list import to Messenger

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