How to send and receive SMS via email

After setting up your Email to SMS service and configuring your send and receive settings, you are now ready to send an SMS from your email account.

To send SMS from your email account:

  1. Sign in to your email application.
  2. The process is just like sending a normal email.
  3. Add the recipient’s address as (For example -
    Send SMS via Outlook
  4. Write your message.
    SMS content
  5. Click Send.

If anyone replies to your SMS, you will receive it as an email. You can also see replies in SMS chat.

To view replies:

  1. Sign in to your email application.
  2. Check your Inbox.

To receive incoming SMS:

  1. Go to Email notifications.
  2. Switch the button next to New incoming SMS to ON.
new incoming SMS on

If someone sends a text message to your dedicated number, you will receive an email. You can then reply by email or via SMS Chat.

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