How do dedicated numbers work?

The dedicated number, also known as the Long Code or Virtual Mobile Number, is used for two-way text messaging.

It looks like a regular mobile phone number, and you can use it to send and receive text messages.

However, local dedicated numbers are designed to receive inbound messages only from your local market, not internationally.

All dedicated numbers belong to TextMagic, and you can rent any number from us, providing it is available.

Each dedicated number can be used by only one business at a time. Indeed, noone but the company that has obtained the long code will be able to use the number until the company cancels the service.

Buy a dedicated number subscription.

What countries are dedicated numbers available in?

TextMagic currently offers dedicated numbers in more than 30 countries.

This list may be expanded at any time:

AustraliaAustralia LatviaLatvia
AustriaAustria LithuaniaLithuania
BelgiumBelgium MalaysiaMalaysia
CanadaCanada MexicoMexico
ChileChile NetherlandsNetherlands
Costa RicaCosta Rica NorwayNorway
CroatiaCroatia PolandPoland
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
DenmarkDenmark RomaniaRomania
EstoniaEstonia RussiaRussia
FinlandFinland SlovakiaSlovakia
FranceFrance South AfricaSouth Africa
GermanyGermany South KoreaSouth Korea
Hong KongHong Kong SpainSpain
HungaryHungary SwedenSweden
IndonesiaIndonesia SwitzerlandSwitzerland
IrelandIreland United KingdomUnited Kingdom
IsraelIsrael United StatesUnited States

If you use a local dedicated number, it will be cheaper for your clients to reply to you.

How much does it cost to use a dedicated number?

The price for a dedicated number subscription depends on the country of origin.

Please check our price list.

Dedicated number subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis, always on the same day as the original purchase date of the number.

Please note that, when your number subscription renews, we deduct credit from your TextMagic account balance to pay for the subscription, not from your card/PayPal.

Manage your dedicated number subscription.

Is it mandatory to use a dedicated number?

It is mandatory to use a local dedicated number only in North America for sending and receiving text messages.

Learn more about carrier restrictions in North America.

Two-way text messaging is guaranteed to work only via a dedicated number.

However, in some countries you can also use our free shared number for two-way messaging.

If you need only an outbound SMS service, you can send text messages from a Sender ID.

Check where this feature is available.

My country is not in the list of dedicated numbers. What shall I do?

You can test using a global UK number.

Please take into account that,in this case, a user would be charged the international rate by their mobile operator for sending a message to a global number.

Can I use a dedicated number for verification purposes, i.e. bank confirmations, Google account verifications, etc.?

No, you cannot.

Verification text messages are usually sent via SMS providers, like TextMagic, while a dedicated number can receive text messages only from regular mobile subscribers, not SMS providers.

How can I use a dedicated number?

Anybody who knows your dedicated number can send text messages to you by using it.

You could publish the dedicated number on your website or in the marketing material to let people know the number.

Using a dedicated number you can:

  • send text messages;
  • receive replies to messages you have sent;
  • receive incoming text messages.

How much does it cost for someone to send a message to my dedicated number?

The cost for sending the SMS is just the standard charge made by your client’s mobile operator for sending a message.

TextMagic never charges your client for sending a message.

How do I receive messages via a dedicated number?

You will receive incoming text messages via:

Note, TextMagic never charges you for receiving text messages from your clients.

Can I block incoming text messages from specific numbers?

Yes, you can.

You can add specific numbers to a blacklist.

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